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Garden & Yard Maintenance

Commercial and Residential - Seasonal and Budget appropriate Annual Maintenance Packages

We have 3 basic approaches to general complete yard and garden maintenance:
  1. The Seasonal Approach where our team comes in and does a full once over based on budget and seasonal requirements, then the property is left to fend for itself so to speak. (2-3 visits a year)

    This approach fits people with rental properties who need to maintain things at a certain level over the long term but don’t need all the fine details done weekly.
    It also suits gardens where the owners enjoy gardening but need help in the spring and with the big cleanup when the leaves are done falling.

    Basically we do all the dirty work so you can enjoy the gardening work that you love.

  2. Monthly Scheduled Visits to keep things looking good while focussing some energy on new parts of the garden here and there in order to help make moderate and long term changes to the yard and garden.

    This approach is better for people who want regular weeding of beds and other minor improvements throughout the season. It is better for people who either have a hands off approach to gardening or are unable to do the work themselves but enjoy the garden and need to maintain the value of their home.

    It is also the ideal approach for people who enjoy gardening and like getting their hands dirty but may not know exactly what do or when do it, so we help along the way.

  3. Weekly and Bi-Weekly Visits for Lawn Service and to accomplish extra details on a more regular schedule while also making some more drastic changes to the gardens and lawns.

    This approach is ideal if your yard has been completely let go and it needs to be tamed like the wild beast that has become. Or if you have quite a significant garden that needs attention regularly so that things stay in check.

Based on budget and desires we would accomplish any and all of the following:

Doing all the horrible weeding in the garden beds and then putting down sexy mulch afterwards, trimming all the shrubs and bushes, cutting down perennials, dead heading flowers, mowing the lawn, fertilizing, moving your mothers camellia from the garden bed under the window to the one by the bird bath where she can see it better when it blooms, blow down the walk walkways, pressure wash the driveway, trim the massive hedge that surrounds your entire property which you loved for the privacy when you first moved in but now its taking over your life (oh no wait that’s my house)…, attack some ivy that’s climbing up the side of the house, have some tea on your deck, rake the leaves, plant some annuals, prune a tree, or hang some christmas lights…I’m sure there is something I forgot.

We enjoy helping and working alongside people in their gardens, if we can work ourselves out of a job we are happy to do it through guidance, support and demonstration. Gardening is about making friends, and we enjoy both!

Weeding and Mulching

It sounds kind of weird, but there is nothing we love more then weeding a bunch of nasty ivy and morning glory or hairy bittercress, buttercup and crab grass out your garden beds and then put down some beautiful, luscious, black compost mulch full of life and nutrients for your garden and plants.

Our Lawn Services Include

Regular Weekly or Bi weekly lawn cut, edging, and general cleanup of entrances and walkways.

  • Lawn rejuvenation: Power rake and de-thatching, aerating, over-seeding and seasonal fertilizing.
  • New grass installation: using seed or turf, there are advantages to both depending on the application.
  • Need your lawn cut right now, text your address to 250-882-4582 and we will come by within 48hrs.

Hedging and Pruning

Call today for your free quote, no hedge to big or too small.

Design and Installation

We enjoy doing new installations as well re-designing existing gardens. We take a pretty down to earth approach with out all the confusion.
Different gardens need to fit different needs and understanding the use and flow of the garden is the essence of design work.

Every yard is different and every person is different. Our specialty is understanding our clients and where they want there garden to be in the short term and the long term.

Garden Restoration

Selling your home? Garden out of control and been left to itself? Are you surrounded by morning glory and suffocating in ivy, ahhhhhhh

We specialize in rescuing you and your garden from yourselves.

First we weed all the beds, then we prune shrubs, mulch the beds, mow the lawn, blow down all the hards surfaces and pressure wash and the driveway. Then we make a plan so that your garden stays beautiful and in check, in stead of being a headache.

We truly enjoy restoring overgrown gardens to there former glory, it takes time and patience, and usually a lot of weeding, but the results make it worth all the lower back pain.

Pressure washing and moss control

We offer full service pressure washing of driveways and walks ways as well as moss control for large cement areas.

Vegetable Growing Assistance

Edible Landscapes

Using food as landscape.

Have your yard and garden produce food for you at the same time as looking beautiful. Most food items produce flowers, and then food.
Imagine all of the flowers in your garden producing food after they die away instead of just dying away.

Leafy greens, kale and chard all planted accordingly and things look and taste amazing. You will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Fruit is a great example, apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries all have beautiful flowers and can serve different purposes in your design.

Accenting pathways with garlic looks amazing. Especially when the scapes start to form, they grow tall and sway in the wind. Then you harvest them and eat them until the next year.

Email for more info.

Vegetable Gardens

We can help with every aspect of your garden. If all you have is a piece of lawn and you want to stop mowing it and start growing your own food instead then give us a call today.

Design and Implementation

We can get you ready for spring and help you with your garden design and implementation.
Already have a garden patch but seem to be struggling for some reason? We can help with soil amendment, irrigation and crop rotation.

Seasonal Guidance

We love helping people grow their own food. The excitement and smiles from a successful harvest is the best feeling ever, especially when there are kids around to help share the work and bounty. We are here to give advice on design, soil composition, lighting needs, and planting and harvesting strategies so that you can enjoy the process and be successful. Don’t want all the work, don’t have a lot of space but want to enjoy fresh food, check out Living Salad Solutions, our live food delivery service.

Soil Rejuvination

Need to beef up you soil? garden beds depleted? Give us a call and we can bring by a load of compost, chicken or horse manure. Give your vegetables the soil they deserve.

Plant starts

We have a full range of non GMO and heirloom seed starts:
kale, lettuce, cukes and zukes, tomatoes of all sizes, for a full list visit our plant store.
pick up and delivery available.

Living Salad Solutions

We grow your own food. Alive food delivery service.

Food is expensive, we want good food, we want healthy clean food, we don’t want to waste expensive good food and we don’t like all the packaging with some perishable products.

To avoid all that allow us to bring you a big bowl of fresh lettuce, kale and chard, or perhaps some basil for fresh pesto.

Eating alive or freshly cut food helps to retain its nutrient levels and there for you can eat less of it and gain more of the benefits.

All of our seeds are non GMO and/or heirloom seeds.

Here's how it works:
We grow your lettuce, kale or basil in a large pot for you. We make sure it is healthy and luscious and ready for consumption upon delivery.

Then, you enjoy fresh greens from your patio or deck when ever you want for the next 4-6 weeks.

Your only responsibility is to give it water and sunlight. We provide you with fool proof instructions on how to harvest and care for your food pot.

When you have eaten the last leaf give us a call, we take a way the old pot and bring you a fresh new one full of more delicious greenery.

We specialize in growing:
salad greens, kale, basil for pesto.

Lettuce: 15gal pots ($50)

Our lettuce pots will last a weeks depending on daily consumption levels and how many people are in your household. Each pot contains 20-25 starts of leaf lettuce, (romaine or red leaf). Each plant will continue to grow as you harvest it. You should average the equivalent of 30 or more salads for two people over a 6-8 week period.

Kale and Chard: 15gal pots ($50)

8 plants in total Kale and Swinn Chard. Great for sautees and salads.
These pots can last months depending on consumption levels and the number of people consuming in you household.

Basil for pesto (and salads):
5gal pot ($30)
10gal pot ($45)
15gal pot ($60)

Place your order at our Plant Stand today
Email: LivingSaladSolutions@gmail.com

The Plant Stand

Looking for great deals on plants, order on line and pickup at our two convenient locations.

Avoid the lineups at big stores and have us deliver your selections to your door.

We can even plant them for you!!

We have a wide variety of annuals and perennials available, vegi starts, unique collectors items

as well as a large variety of sedums, hens and chicks and other ground covers.

Callum and his team at Skinny Blades have transformed my yard. Creative, hardworking and professional. Highly recommended.

Brett S.

Esquimalt Resident

Callum has developed and maintained our exterior grounds for 10years. In that time, he's always gone above and beyond.

Bob M.

Oak bay Commercial

Really improved the landscaping in front of my business. Great plant selection, and timely maintenance schedule.

Mike C.

Victoria Business

Reliable, hardworking, and great results! Highly recommended.

dani sela

oak bay resident


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